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Rental Software and online booking system

Online rental works simply, always and everywhere with Rentware. No matter if you want to rent out boats, bikes, cars, trailers, machines, event equipment, cameras or exotic things or if you just want to make appointments bookable for events or the use of areas. 

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Rental software one step ahead

You own a rental company or
rental business?

Rentware is the most modern Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for rental, simply booking software or booking calendar for both B2C and B2B rentals and also suitable for a mixture of both. Even free company or club internal rentals can be displayed.

So make online booking easier for you and your customers with Rentware – the most innovative cloud-based rental software. But we offer more than just a software. We are a strong, competent team with a lot of experience in the rental business and in software development in an owner-managed company based in Berlin and your partner for the digitalization of your business processes. We are happy to answer your questions, help you with the setup, give hints for the design of the processes, permanently develop further and help you whereever we can.

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Less effort

With our rental software for your website, you increase the utilization of your inventory while reducing the effort for order taking and processing.

Most of your customers don’t feel the need to call you or exchange emails – they want to find offers, see availability at a glance and most importantly: book and pay directly.

Our online booking software has been developed with the latest technology and according to the mobile first principle.

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Example boat rental

For Spreeboote Berlin, the switch to Rentware as rental software has paid off since the beginning of 2018. The boat rental company with a great location on the Spree has relied on online bookability from the very beginning. In the Citymarina Berlin, the boats are ready for rental.

Our “Bundle” feature helps Spreeboote to increase occupancy in less booked periods. With the self-defined step “Catering” the rental of boats becomes a rental of experiences.

Any questions?
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Renting is extensive –
more time for the essentials

Your team and you are stressed because you have to serve your customers and at the same time give information about availability and prices by phone and take reservations? Oh yes, the rental contracts and invoices have to go out too! Oh no, now a rebooking as well.

Why not let our software and your customers do the “work”?

Become 24/7 online bookable for your customers. Allow your customers to rent without having to call or email. Use your valuable time to move your business forward.

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Rentware was designed to make your daily work routine almost effortless.

With Rentware’s rental software, your customers can check availabilities and prices, reserve, book and pay easily and intuitively, anytime and anywhere.

You focus on on-site service and use Rentware to get the maximum revenue out of your business with smart pricing options.

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“[…] the simple bookability and the ingenious display of all free slots, also on smartphone and tablet, have significantly increased our utilization. The many options for differentiated pricing have also led to higher sales at busy times.”

— Frank Richert@Spreeboote

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    User Experience (UX)

    Take the next step towards an online booking system. We will be happy to advise you!
    • Mobile first
    • Live availability
    • Easy and complete integration into your websites
    • Individual booking route
    • Modern design

    • Extremely performant
    • Secure
    • Latest technology
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    Our software designers and developers are very experienced and at the same time extremely innovative. We develop in Berlin and only with the latest technologies. Rentware has no limits.

    We continuously improve the booking software and add more features. With very few exceptions (special developments for individual customers or premium features), you receive new features automatically and free of charge. Optionally, we also do custom development for you, should your use case require it. 

    Everything is feasible. But not everything makes sense. We set the right priorities. UX and innovation.

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    Economic efficiency

    Just as in offline retail the location of the store is often crucial, online it depends on the quality and design of software or store solutions. Your website and your store system are your online store. Its quality decides whether you are successful – or not.

    With Rentware you get a solution with which you can optimally map your business model and your pricing and do not have to adapt to any software.

    More customers will rent or book online, add extras and willingly pay in full or at least pay in advance. Our pricing tool allows you to sell more in the low season and more expensive in the high season than your competitors. Your employees have less work – because the customers book themselves. Inspire your customers. Don’t choose just any software, choose Rentware.

    • More customers
    • Enthusiastic customers
    • Clever pricing, yield management
    • Automated processes
    • New marketing opportunities

Rentware | Betterware Software UG

Ernst-Augustin-Straße 12, Berlin, Germany
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo 663a010e038334a58a0ee131e3be5a11fc2dab49

Aldo Schaller

Wir nutzen Rentware nun knapp seit einem Jahr und sind sehr zufrieden. Die Handhabung ist sehr intuitiv, die Präsentation sehr ansprechend und der Support der zuverlässig. Mariam von Rentware hat uns immer in kürzester Zeit weitergeholfen. Mit Rentware haben wir unseren administrativen Vermietungsaufwand stark reduziert und unseren Vermietungsumsatz deutlich erhöht. Danke Rentware!
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo 8a530dc5add46c71efc9841ab5293f4e6b69315b

michael exner

Top Software, klare Empfehlung! Wir nutzen die Verleihplattform von Rentware um den Verleih von Fotoequipment, und Buchungen unseres Leihstudios abzuwickeln. Wir (digitalstore) nutzen das tool sowohl für Online-Buchungen als auch für Buchungen und Reservierungen vor Ort und sind damit sehr zufrieden. Wenn doch mal Fragen auftraten, wurde uns immer rasch und kompetent geholfen, und die Zusammenarbeit z.B. beim Einbinden div. Widgets in unsere neue Website hat auch reibungslos funktioniert.
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo efc2a1fa604188c382f1bab0cb37054e418b0128

Phillip Weidig

Wir nutzen die Software bereits seit längerem und sind sehr zufrieden. Neben der sehr einfachen Handhabung und der Integrationsmöglichkeit auf unserer Homepage, überzeugt uns vor allem der gute Support! Weiter so!!!!
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo 600ce57b4c7518961c83281ddc1301a7d293eb00

Jakub Lüning

Ich kann mich den positiven Bewertungen nur anschließen. Alles bestens, vielen Dank.
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nix dann

Top Software, top Support👍 Empfehele ich jedem, der sich im Bereich Vermietung von KFZ etc., professionell aufstellen möchte! Nico Michaelis Exakt Autovermietung GmbH
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo f5019042fed307ee89077ea2bf232dfe200cca3d

Bootsvermietung Kühlungsborn

Wir sind super zufrieden mit Rentware. Bei Fragen oder Problemen erreicht man immer jemanden und bekommt schnell Hilfe. Wir planen auch für weitere Firmen die Zusammenarbeit.
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo c8725174e790d5b41bacb06ef30e82717629fa43

Tom Singwitz

Danke für die tolle Zusammenarbeit. Großartige Software und tolles Team / Support. Wir freuen uns auf weitere Jahre mit euch.
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo bf7d61151a846a35403413ca15609b5ad3e9c358


Top Team, Top Produkt! Wirklich, vom Erstkontakt bis zum Support während der Nutzung, alles prima! Habe meine Sauna-Vermietung | Schwitz-Fass über Rentware laufen und kann euch eine klare Empfehlung aussprechen. Wurde kompetent beraten und die nehmen sich wirklich Zeit fürs Onboarding. Lediglich manche Supportanfragen könnten schneller bearbeitet werden und manchmal wird man “Opfer der Priorisierung” Das heißt, dass man auf manche Verbesserungsvorschläge/Änderungswünsche auch mal länger warten muss, wenn es aktuell nicht auf der Prio der Entwickler von Rentware steht. Aber alles in allem Großes Lob an Göran und sein Team 🙂
admin ajax.php?action=kernel&p=image&src=file%3Dwp content%252Fthemes%252Fyootheme%252Fcache%252Fyooessentials%252Fgbp reviewer photo eb9e5efd33930e354c5bed957b32228ae523c6bd

Julian Horngacher

Top Produkt und super Kundenservice. Haben bereits 2 Saisonen mit Rentware abgewickelt.