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Equipment and cleaning machines

Manage your equipment rental with Rentware

Whether you need scales of any kind or professional cleaning equipment: with our customer scale rentals, rental scales and Hyfagro you will find the right equipment for your application. Thanks to our rental software Rentware, these can now also be booked directly on the website via the online shop. Simply enter the start and end of the rental period in our booking widget and with one click you will be shown all the equipment that is available in that period.

Units that cannot be booked in the selected period are also displayed with the information “not available in this period”. Of course, you can adapt this text to your taste. This gives the customer an overview of all products on offer.

In addition, at the request of our customer rental scales, we have implemented a new feature with the Variations, which makes it possible to view and select different variations of a device at a glance. We also relaunched and modernised the WordPress instance for scale rentals and rental scales and thus created a suitable website on which all information about the shop can be found and via which one can access the online shop.


Immerse yourself further

Rentware is very easy to use, even though complex settings can be configured.

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