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Overview of all functions

Rentware is child’s play to use and that even though complex settings can be configured.

Basic configuration

Set up an online shop tailored to your company with availability calendar, item search and individual booking section
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Define booking steps as desired

A good booking journey is as short as possible, but as long as necessary. Determine which steps the customer should go through.
rentware settings custom time slots ae8e0627

Availability & Booking Calendar

For example, pre-booking deadlines, minimum rental periods, maximum rental periods and rental breaks. Choose between hourly or multi-day rentals or both options in parallel.
rentware settings locations de ed31a7ba

Create and manage locations

Creating locations is very simple. This includes opening hours, seasons, shipping options, rental and billing address.
rentware settings payment de 747f5c37


Which payment methods can your clients use to pay online? Further settings such as deposit, payment split, POS and online residual payments are possible.
rentware inventory multi lingual de b1162358


Every word that the customer sees during and after the booking, you can adapt to your needs and offer in many languages.

Setup of inventory

Set up an online shop tailored to your company with availability calendar, item search and individual booking section
rentware inventory creation de 549752fb

Create article

Creating, copying or customising articles is very easy. You can also create variants and tag logic, as well as price rules.
rentware inventory pricing de 78c657be

Set pricing rules

Rentware offers you countless possibilities for pricing. The theme can vary from simple to very complex.
rentware inventory availability de c8370f45

Availabilities & Breaks

Pre-booking periods, minimum rental periods, maximum rental periods and rental breaks can also be set up at item level.

Status of articles

Rentware helps you to manage your inventory smartly, to always keep an overview and to exclude overbookings.

Checkin/Checkout process

What checks and documentation are to be carried out when the item is handed over/returned and documented, e.g. by photos.

Accessories & Extras

With Rentware you can make great margins with accessories, extras, additional services.

Order handling

At a glance, you can see which bookings are blocked, reserved, booked, paid or cancelled. Define further status descriptions yourself. Change the status or book customers in directly. Changes are immediately visible on the website.


  • Booking overview
  • Create bookings
  • Change bookings
  • Manage bookings
  • Reminders


  • Availability
  • Create bookings
  • Set status/blocker
  • “Dispo Tetris”

Handover processes

  • Damage/condition (km, cleanliness, tank)
  • Equipment Checklist
  • Inspection steps
  • Deposit handling


  • Manage customers
  • Export data

Integration into your website

Via Widgets

No matter what your rental model looks like: Our widgets cover all scenarios.

Widget Customizer

At the touch of a button, three lines of code are generated, which you can then copy and paste onto your website.

Shop page

Sometimes there are also good reasons for doing without widgets and using our shop page instead.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers have different characteristics than discount vouchers and do not require a rental contract but a purchase contract.

Additional settings and functions

Automated emails and documents

Reduce all customer communication and automate the rest with Rentware. Less effort for you.

Bundles and Specials

Combine several individual items into one bookable package or offer items at special prices independently of your regular pricing model.

Widget overview

Choose from different widget types and easily create a great experience with widgets for product details or product categories.