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Multilingual rental shop

To make it as easy as possible for you to open up new markets in other language regions, you can now easily have your shop translated into another language with our rental software.

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Have texts translated automatically

Google Translate integration makes this possible. If you want to use your own terms or make a correction, you can simply click on the translated text fields and overwrite them.

multilanguage demo rental shop

Use your own wording

With our translation tool, you can not only have the texts translated automatically, but also place your own terms in the appropriate places. Individualise your online shop and address your customers in your own style – even in different languages.

Individual linguistic style

Our multilingual feature is not only practical for quickly translating your online shop. From now on, you can also use your own wording in your chosen standard language. This means that you no longer have to stick to the predefined standard terms such as “shopping basket”, “proceed to checkout” or “select date”. Maybe you want to address your target group differently and you name these things with “Jute bag”, “Continue to checkout” and “Select date”.

Change the words displayed in your rental shop to match your business, so that your brand clearly stands out from the competition in terms of language during the booking process. You can also easily overwrite the translations suggested by Google Translate if necessary and replace them with your own words. If you want to translate your online shop into another language, there are no limits with the support of Google Translate. In the image above you can see what the editing interface looks like for you in the backend.

If you have any questions about our multilingual feature or if you are not sure whether we can fulfil your specific ideas with Rentware, please contact us! We will be happy to advise you on how you can implement the requirements of your online rental shop with Rentware.

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