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Rental for event areas and sports facilities

Software for online rental of event venues and rooms, also in combination with events, accessories and services

  • Receive online bookings and payments 24/7
  • Map online and offline bookings in one system
  • Create bundles with venues, accessories and services. Offer them with special prices and specific times.
  • Rent a venue and offer an event at the same time. Avoid overbookins 
  • Rent out entire venues or only parts of them without getting overbooked
  • Sell and redeem gift cards online
  • Discount Codes 
  • Process inquiries digitally, create and send quotes, contracts and invoices at the touch of a button
  • More turnover through better capacity utilization, clever pricing and upselling
  • Automatically assign rights for closing 
  • Doors or lockers can be opened with a QR code in the confirmation E-mail or at the click of a button by the customer.
  • Manage and document handovers and damages digitally and on the move
  • Collect, settle and refund rent and deposits online
  • Personal, German customer service
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Rentware Customers

Here you will find real examples of Rentware applications

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Platz am See

Short-term rental of lakeside venues

Screenshot 2024 03 19 173144 62dcbec5

Sporthotel Dorum

Rental for indoor football fields  

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Seminar mit Spreeblick

Event room rental

Digitize event area rental
Operate online and offline stores in parallel – without overbooking 

Digitally map the entire handover without paper using a mobile phone or tablet:

Offer Gift cards, accessories and services

  • Sell and redeem gift cards online 
  • Accessories / Extras 
  • Additional Services, options 
  • Offer sets / offers 
  • Insurances 
  • Cleaning costs 
  • Security deposits 

Document equipment & condition

  • Document equipment and accessories
  • Store serial numbers and checklists
  • Record data on handover and return
  • Take photos of the location or documents with your mobile phone or tablet and attach them to the booking
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Create and send handover protocols / delivery notes at the touch of a button

  • Allow customers and employees to sign via mobile phone or tablet
  • Create handover and final protocols digitally and mobile, generate them automatically and send per E-mail or print them out
  • Document damages with photos and descriptions in the protocols 

Deposit handling

  • Collect a deposit online or in cash 
  • Offset deposit against additional costs
  • Full or partial refund of deposit online with one click

Manage and document damages

Show previous damages

Quickly record new damages

  • Mark damage on sketch
  • Categorise and describe the damages 
  • Document damages directly with your smartphone camera or a tablet 

Document and invoice the damages

  • Add costs or deductibles to the invoice 
  • List the damages on the protocols 

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Online Store directly on your website

  • Easily configure your rental store and integrate it into existing websites
  • Simply copy a few lines of code (widgets) into the website
  • Rent your event area and sell gift cards, offer consumables for sale
  • Optionally, we can create a completely new website for you at a very reasonable price
  • Become available for booking on multiple websites at the same time
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Simple article creation and configuration

  • Create and configure event areas, rooms, accessories, delivery options and insurances 
  • Customise the booking flow 
  • Individualise customer communication and documents
  • Set up price rules and payment methods 
  • Personalise the handover process
  • Assign rights to users 
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Rent by the hour, or by the day

  • Hourly and multi-day rentals in one system 
  • Availability and prices clearly visible online 
  • Different pre-booking periods, minimum rental periods, breaks between rental processes, etc. can be set
  • Only what is bookable, is clickable 
  • No overbookings 

Feature overview

  • Rent by the hour and for several days
  • Differentiate prices according to rental period, day of the week and season, offer early bird and last-minute discounts, marketing discounts and gift vouchers 
  • Availability can be seen on the website 
  • Offer discounts for companies and regular customers
  • Online booking and payment (deposit and the final payment)
  • Send automatic reminders to customers
  • Collect and refund rent and deposit online
  • Manage handovers digitally and mobile and document them directly with photos
  • Record and document damage
  • Enable customers to open doors and lockers 
  • Disposition
  • All documents are digital
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From 99€ net per month!

Become bookable online and digitalise your processes with help of our rental software and online booking tools

Rentware as software for event area rental inspires rental companies and tenants alike.

Show customers the availability of event areas, tools, equipment and accessories via your website. Your customers will book and pay online instead of just enquiring. Opt for a completely digital workflow with the right software for your equipment rental.  Manage the handover process via tablet or smartphone by collecting and refunding deposits, recording and invoicing conditions and documenting damage. Digitally sign handover reports together with the customer, which you can send or print at the touch of a button.

Rentware – the software for your event-area rental 

Software for:

  • Event-area rentals 
  • Renting event rooms 
  • Booking events online Online Buchung von Events
  • Indoor and outdoor events and areas
  • Renting sports facilities, sport event areas and sport equipment 
  • Renting event equipment