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Transport and trailers

How the rental business of a traditional manufacturer and family business becomes bookable online

After the trailer professional and horse truck partner Böckmann in Bützow as well as three other Böckmann centres, with a total of 8 locations for trailer rental, decided to further develop their online shop with Rentware, we are now igniting the next stage of our fruitful cooperation: Böckmann Rent is now online! In this portal we combine the offers of all existing locations. By integrating the widgets of the individual locations on this central portal, it is possible for the users of our software to “pool” their offers without having to change their booking processes, i.e. to bundle their potential and provide customers with a complete overview of offers. Of course, customers can still rent their trailers online via the individual location pages – which is probably what most regular customers will do. Rather, the innovation is to offer new customers a central point of contact where they can overview the entire portfolio of Böckmann car trailers. This does not affect the previously introduced innovations and features, such as the display of opening hours differentiated by location, booking periods from a few hours to a year and the price models, which include strong degression as well as seasonal surcharges. The booking widget remains slim and flexible.

  • Vehicle categories with different numbers of vehicles
  • Rentable for hours, days, weeks, months and 1 year
  • Accessories vary per vehicle category
  • Individual booking route

In the backend, we have also set everything up for the various Böckmann centres so that all employees and teams have the correct authorisation roles for the respective locations. The rental contracts and invoice numbers are also adapted to the respective locations and are automatically assigned by our rental software Rentware. Rentware thus also optimally adapts to the special circumstances of your company – the rental software optimally maps several locations both for the customers in the front end and for you in the back end and thus in the rental management. What special features does your rental business have that we can make bookable for you online? Write to us!


Immerse yourself further

Rentware is very easy to use, even though complex settings can be configured.