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Saunas, whirlpools & hot tubs

Why shouldn’t lido or spa rentals be as relaxing for you as they are for your customers? With our rental software, you can rent out sweat tubs, hot tubs, towels, parasols or deck chairs online to make on-site rentals as easy as possible. In addition, with our new packages feature, packages of items can now be put together and thus rented directly together. For example, a beach towel + parasol + drink can then be the “small beach holiday” package. Thanks to prior online booking, your business is thus more easy to plan. How many places are still available on the sunbathing lawn?

Strandbad Grünau is now a new Rentware customer and has integrated the rental shop for the outdoor pool on its website. The special thing about the online shop of the beach and recreation pool is that here two websites lead to one and the same online shop. SUBHUB is another brand of the beach bath, which rents out so-called stand-up paddling boards (SUPs).

This shop also has its own website in order to present only this rental independently from the lido. Both visitors to the SUBHUB website and visitors to the lido website are then redirected to the same online shop. Here, SUPs as well as specials such as bathing packages can be booked online. This means that different categories are clearly listed here in the online rental shop. The customer can choose whether she wants to rent a board or perhaps table tennis rackets under “SUP & Sport”. Or you can switch to the category “Bathing and Sunbathing” and book packages such as “Beach Package Small” including a sun lounger and sun chair. Strandbad Grünau also rents out beach chairs or so-called daybeds in this category.

Take a closer look at our “Bundle” feature, which allows you to put together packages for your customers. Rentware lets you rent out the way you want. Offer massage or wellness packages online for your recreation spa or let customers book individual items online!

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Rentware is very easy to use, even though complex settings can be configured.