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In addition to its rooms and sports programmes, Hotel Jakob in Austria also offers high-quality sports bikes for rent. To make the rental process as intuitive, streamlined and simple as possible, the operators chose Rentware as their software solution to make online booking possible. Our broad portfolio of rentals in various industries and Rentware’s extensive features and customisation options convinced them.

Perfectly suited for:

  • Racing bike rental
  • Mountain bike rental
  • Gravel bike rental
  • City bike rental
  • Coffee bike rental

Not only are the bicycles still available in the selected period listed, but also those already booked are still displayed (in somewhat lighter, grey font). This gives the customer a better impression of the rental: What else is available? What can I try out next time?
If you need more information about the respective bikes, you can get it by clicking on the bike in the respective list: You will be taken to a detail page where you can take a closer look at the rental object on several pictures. A profile and a description of the bicycles also help customers to make their choice.

Besides bicycles, e-scooters are also becoming increasingly popular. To rent them out quickly and easily online, our new customer fun2ride now also uses Rentware’s booking tool. Since he operates different locations, the shop also first asks for the desired location before displaying the actual items. This way, he can always display the actual stock on site and his customers always have an overview when booking.

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Rentware is very easy to use, even though complex settings can be configured.