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Event elements and utensils

Software for renting event utensils and party equipment

  • Receive online bookings and payments 24/7
  • Managing online and offline bookings in one system
  • Process enquiries digitally, create and send offers, contracts and invoices at the touch of a button
  • More turnover through better availability utilisation, clever pricing and upselling
  • Manage and document handovers and damages digitally and on the go
  • Get digital signatures
  • Collect, settle and refund rent and deposits online
  • Offer pick-up and delivery next to one another
  • Automated calculation of flat-rate and distance-based delivery costs
  • Personal, German customer service
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★★★★★ 4,9
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★★★★★ 4,9

Rentware Customers

Here is an interview with Chris from our customer, Escape Academy : Go to the interview

Here you will find examples for real Rentware applications: 

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Escape Academy

Exit game box rental with the option of Germany-wide shipping.

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Vulkan Brauerei

Rental for mobile beer pumps, of course, with beer kegs

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Donkey Concepts

Rental for event equipment, party utensils, bouncy castles, cooling equipment…

Digitalize your rental
Operate online and offline orders simultaneously – without overbooking

Manage your entire hand-over process paper-free with your smartphone or a tablet:

Offer accessories and extra services

  • Offer accessories / extras / services
  • Sell and redeem gift-cards online 
  • Extra services, options
  • Discount codes for marketing campaigns
  • Track marketing campaigns 
  • Delivery and pick-up
  • Use sets and special offers
  • Insurances and deposits 

Document equipment and condition

  • Document equipment and extras
  • Store serial numbers and checklists
  • Collect data at pick-up and drop-off
  • Take a photo of the equipment or documents with your smartphone or a tablet and attach it to the order
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  • Veranstaltungselemente Checkliste eng version c4b02194
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Create and send pick-up and drop-off protocols at the click of a button

  • Get signatures from customers and coworkers with your smartphone or a tablet 
  • Generate, send or print pick-up and drop-off protocols 

Handling the deposit

  • Collect the deposit online or in cash
  • Offset the deposit against additional costs 
  • Refund the full deposit or a part of it online, with one click

Manage and document damages

Display existing damages

Document new damages quickly and easily

  • Mark damages on a diagram
  • Categorise and describe damages 
  • Document damages directly with your smartphone-camera or a tablet

Document and invoice the damages

  • Add costs or deductibles to the invoice 
  • List damages on the protocols
Veranstaltungselemente Schaden eng version 823a9992

Online shop directly on your website

  • Configure your online rental-shop easily and integrate it in your website integrieren
  • Delivery options
  • Online-Payments 
  • Sell gift-cards
  • Simply insert a few lines of code (Widgets) into your website 
  • Tracking / Conversion-measurement
  • Optionally, we can create a completely new website for you at a very favourable price
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Simple article creation and configuration

  • Add and configure equipment, extras, delivery options, insurances and security deposits 
  • Individualise your booking flow
  • Query customer data with personalizable forms 
  • Individualise customer communication and documents 
  • Set up price rules and payment methods
  • Individualise hand-over process 
  • Give adjusted permissions to users

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Short- and longterm orders, pick-up and delivery

  • Hourly and multi-day rentals in one system 
  • Pick-up and delivery in one system 
  • Shipping flat rates or distance-dependent delivery costs
  • Availability and prices displayed online
  • You can configure different pre-order periods, minimum-rental periods and breaks between orders 
  • Only the items that are bookable, are clickable 
  • No overbookings 

Feature Overview

  • Rent hourly and for multiple days
  • Differentiate your prices according to the duration, weekday and the season of the order. Offer early-bird and last-minute discounts, marketing discount codes and gift cards.  
  • Availability can be seen on the website 
  • Multi-language widgets 
  • Discounts for companies and trusted customers 
  • Online orders and payments (Deposit or remaining payments) 
  • Send automatic reminders to your customers  
  • Collect and refund payments and deposits online 
  • Manage your pick-ups digitally and document them with photos
  • Track and document damages 
  • All documents are digital 
  • Digital signatures 
  • Pick-up and delivery 
  • Shipping flat rates or distance-dependent delivery costs
  • Disposition
  • Pick-up with integration of locking systems for doors and lockers
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From €99 net per month!

Bring your rental online and digitalise your processes with our software for event equipment

Rentware as a software for event equipment impresses both, the renters and their customers equally.  

Show your customers the equipment availability and accessories on your website. Your customers will be able  book and pay online instead having to send an inquiry. Opt for a completely digital workflow with the right software for your rental business. Manage the pick-up process with a tablet or your smartphone by collecting and refunding deposits, tracking and invoicing the state of the equipment and documenting damages. Digitally sign handover reports, which you can send to the customer or print at the touch of a button.

Rentware – the Software for your event-utensils and party-equipment rental.  

Software for:

  • Event equipment rental
  • Photo-box rental
  • Bouncy castle rental 
  • Equipment-rental 
  • Party equipment rental 
  • Trailer-rental
  • Rental for appliances 
  • Mobile sauna rental 
  • Game rentals