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Event elements and utensils

Rent out event equipment

You rent out event technology and are thinking about making event equipment bookable online with the help of software on your website? Rentware is the rental software for event technology and event equipment that adapts perfectly to your business.

Since event equipment can take many different forms, a software that adapts perfectly to the rental should not be a static solution. That’s why Rentware offers you a wide portfolio of features that you can adapt to your rental processes according to your personal needs. Many of our customers, such as the Vulkan Brewery, decide to offer their customers the possibility to book directly online by integrating our rental software on their website. This simply involves adding a widget to the website that allows customers to check the availability of an item directly on their website and, if they wish to book, select and pay for the item directly online in a seamless process. For promoting and renting out additional products, our new “Packages” feature is a huge help. With this feature, equipment that is already included in the rental shop can be combined or put together with other products in a package, which is then wonderful for extra promotion.

Since event equipment is hardly usable without accessories in many cases, there is the possibility to automatically bundle the main item with extras. This is the case, for example, with our client Vulkan Brewery, which rents out mobile plug-and-play tap systems. If one of the tapping systems is placed in the shopping basket and a suitable beer keg is then selected in the next step, a stock of beer mats and glasses appropriate to the quantity of beer is also automatically added to the shopping basket free of charge. In the next step, additional glasses and lids can be rented for an additional charge. In this way, you can tailor your rental perfectly to the wishes of your customers and offer them a simple and uncomplicated booking process.

For some event rentals, it makes sense to rent out fixed times, so-called slots, to customers. The Hafenküche barbecue area at the Citymarina, for example, rents out barbecues and the appropriate equipment for a barbecue event at the slots “morning”, “afternoon” or “full day”. This makes it easier to keep track of the rentals at the barbecue site and customers can easily and quickly choose one of these slots. We have also mapped this type of booking option with our rental software Rentware – for all rentals and rental businesses in the event industry, for whom too flexible rental times would mean a big mess.

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  • Event technology – rental
  • fun & games – rental for events
  • Table football & table tennis tables – rental
  • Photo box – rental
  • Festival technology – rental
  • Event equipment – rental

Our equipment rental software now makes it easy for you to keep track of your bookings. At the same time, you can rent out party equipment quickly and securely online – by making your equipment or game rental bookable online with our rental software!

With our premium event equipment rental software, you can easily calculate rental prices – because Rentware is the event equipment rental software that can be perfectly adjusted to the pricing logic of your rental business.

To achieve greater utilisation of your equipment rental business, you can integrate our Rentware software directly on your own homepage. You can customise our software to suit your equipment rental business so you can efficiently manage rentals. The high-class rental software sets your online shop apart from your competitors – intuitive operation leads to satisfied customers!


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