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Car rental software

Our software for car rental inspires many vehicle rental companies. Dynamic, fast, intelligent – to match the rental cars! Opt now for a completely digital workflow for your car rental.

Our client from Austria Peakmotors.at has been using Rentware for luxury car rental since 2022. For this, we not only designed a brand new website, but also incorporated Rentware. For the chic website, it was important to us to make the cars’ dynamics and technology immediately recognisable at the first click. An elegant, simple presentation of details suits luxurious cars. Customers of Peakmotors should be able to navigate and find their way around the website intuitively. The integration of the rental shop with an “instant booking” option is quickly accessible and clearly arranged via a calendar view with live availability. The fastest way to your dream car!

Car rental abroad: Multilingual with Rentware

Our first US-American customer Sprinter-Rentals also uses Rentware to make the management of the rental business easier. The booking software was integrated directly into the company’s website via a so-called iFrame. Customers who book directly here do not even leave the website for an external shop, but the intuitive booking process simply takes place in this inline frame. Our multi-language feature allows our client to digitally represent their business with the apt wording to match their brand. Sprinter-Rentals also makes clever use of the bundle feature: in the online shop, the 12-seater Sprinter is displayed at all locations. In fact, however, it is only available at one location. With Rentware, the Sprinter can be packed into a package including the extra “free transfer to another location”. If the Sprinter is now booked at one of the locations, it is directly blocked at all others.

Dynamic car rental software for your rental business

You want to rent out cars or caravans online? With Rentware, your customers can already see on your website which cars or campers are still available at certain times and then book them directly online with you. Insurance packages and handover packages are automatically added to the shopping basket when a vehicle is selected. On your website, your customers can also make the payment securely – security for you and for your customers.

Flexible rental times & live calendar on the website

From Switzerland we were able to inspire the camper rental Mountaincamper for our rental software. This has the special feature that the campers can only be booked on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. Our software allows you to set the rental times completely freely, so that you can design your rental completely according to your wishes.

Our client Road-Cruiser rents motorhomes online. On the website, the online shop was integrated through easy-to-recognise buttons. With one click, customers can go directly to the selection of different vehicles. The availability is displayed live via the online calendar. The vehicles that are still available in which period are marked in colour. Since Road-Cruiser rents out the vehicles for a period of at least one week, visitors to the website are guided through the form accordingly. Those who enter fewer days will be prompted to select a period of at least seven days. The software guides your customers intuitively through the booking process.

  • Rental software for motorhomes, caravans, cars & buses
  • Vehicle categories with different numbers of vehicles
  • Hours, days, weeks & months rentable
  • Intelligent booking software

Equip your website with booking software

Our client Road-Cruiser already had a first-class & modern website. We easily integrated our car rental software so that the rental cars are now not only very well presented, but also directly bookable. Do you already have a website that you want to expand with an online shop? If you would like to modernise your website and at the same time integrate Rentware for the online rental of your cars or motorhomes, our team is here for you. What special features does your rental business have that we can make bookable for you online? Write to us!

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