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Cameras and photo booths

This is how modern technology rental works!
Rentware has been live on the website for northern Bavaria’s largest photo shop Fotomax since June 2019. For the large photo and camera specialist, it is particularly advantageous that our software makes it possible to clearly display many different rental items. All cameras and video cameras, lenses, accessories and studio equipment objects are now listed in the online shop. With the help of a filter option, for example, only objects from certain manufacturers can be displayed. The software also takes different price categories into account:

If objects are rented over the weekend, the customer pays a separate weekend rate. The advantages of Rentware for an online camera and equipment rental can be explained by our first customer from this branch:

From January 2020, we have in our portfolio, a rental company that specialises completely in the rental of photo boothes. For weddings, corporate events or simply as a party gag, the photo boxes including instant printer and props come directly to the destination and are very easy to use. The order is placed in just a few clicks via the website and the attached rental goods.

  • Shipping option
  • Extras
  • Deposit
  • Price logics

At this point in the booking process, the customer can either choose to pay for insured shipping of the equipment he or she has selected or choose the alternative of self-collection. The booking process also includes extras and additional products that match the customer’s selection and are clearly listed. The price for the deposit is automatically displayed in the shopping basket when a product is selected. The shop thus appears professional and reliable!


Immerse yourself further

Rentware is very easy to use, even though complex settings can be configured.