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Outsourcing of customer service (telephone and e-mail)


Advantages of outsourcing your customer service

There are many advantages if you decide to outsource your customer service to trained hands. Here we would like to offer a brief overview of these and show that outsourcing does not mean being out of the world.


The service is scalable and can be adapted to your customer and order base.

Cost advantage

  • Usually cheaper than in-house solutions, as service providers use economies of scale
  • Your technicians or developers can concentrate on their job and solve problems instead of hearing them from the customer
  • Service providers are specialised and bring software solutions with them (ticket system)
  • No costs for inefficient times
  • The service is scalable and can be adapted to your customer and order base.


Service providers can cover 24/7 support with lower costs because they do it for several customers

Flexible contract terms

If they focus on the right terms and SLAs, you can get rid of bad service providers more easily than bad employees.

DER B√úROPARTNER’s telephone service keeps our backs free. So we can concentrate on appointments, customers and projects and know that callers are being looked after competently and sympathetically.

Sven Engelmann – Founder and Managing Director OMQ


  • You need to choose the right service provider
  • Conclude a good contract
  • Brief the service provider, integrate it into processes and control it
  • If you and your team can and love customer service, and your customers see it that way, you should at least keep some of it in-house and only bring in external service providers as an overflow or for specific requests.