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Direct payments with credit card, Paypal and more.

92% of European Millennials expect to use mobile payments within the next three years and 77% of Europeans use mobile banking and/or mobile payments (2017).

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Paypal, the universal power.

87.5% of online shoppers use Paypal, with over 300 million active accounts in total (2020). This means that almost 9 out of 10 customers can pay with Paypal to use your service!

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Unlock doorways with Stripe.

Stripe is the world’s best-known payment service provider and offers credit card payments, SEPA, Paypal and more.

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Point of Sale with Tillhub.

Make cash payments with the all-in-one cash register system for traders and service providers, made in Germany.

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Service providers and payment methods.

Convince your customers with direct payments, preferred by 83% of users. Read more about payment methods

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With a system built API-first and a maximally secure cloud-based database, you can protect your data and scale your business effortlessly.

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